​​Winter driving tips​

Spring isn’t far away, however if you are planning a long journey this half-term holiday, make sure you have everything you need, just in case.

Check out our Top 7 Winter Driving tips from the clinic:

  1. We have all seen and heard the gales that have landed recently, so take care when driving near high-sided vehicles.
  2. Check all tyres, including your spare, for adequate tread.
  3. Sunglasses can help to reduce the glare of low winter sun
  4. ​To avoid back pain, keep the seat backrest tilted back ever so slightly, to help support bodyweight.
  5. Check that when turning the steering wheel your shoulders remain in contact with the seat – rather than hunched forward.
  6. When stuck in traffic or during a long journey, it helps to keep the body mobile, with exercises such as buttock clenches, side bends and seat braces – pushing your hands into the steering wheel and your back into the seat – and shoulder shrugs, with a five second hold, as well as shoulder circles.
  7. In case of a breakdown, the car will get very cold very quickly, so take a blanket, boots, hat and gloves. Don’t forget your charger as you will need to get in contact with friends and family to tell them you’re safe.

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