Have you got a ‘bad back’?

The majority of our patients are treated at our practice in Cosham for back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Chiropractic can be effective for these conditions, but can also be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. You can read more about the conditions that we treat here.

We are often asked by patients how chiropractic actually works; the very brief answer is that our chiropractors use a range of methods, including manipulation of the spine, in order to treat disorders of the bones, muscles and joints.
Chiropractic treatment is said to have originated in 1895, when Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, met Harvey Lillard, a janitor whose hearing was impaired. Palmer claimed that the janitor’s hearing was restored after Palmer having manipulating his spine.

Our principle chiropractor Peter Coote was inspired to pursue a career in chiropractic having had successful treatment following a back injury. Peter understands how debilitating long term back pain can be. “Following a sporting injury, I suffered from ongoing back, neck and head pain. I had to stop the sports I enjoyed and tried many different treatments, all with minimal benefit. Three months later, after a course of treatment, I felt great and was slowly returning to sport, eventually playing 1st team hockey for Bournemouth amongst other things. My thoughts were: if it can make such a difference to my life, then it must be able to do the same for other people. I always tell patients when they ask about this – that I was a patient before becoming practitioner (chiropractor) and that is how I came to become a chiropractor.”

Peter Coote Active Health

Peter Coote – Principle Chiropractor at Active Health Chiropractic

Back pain and shoulder pain can cause patients to avoid certain daily activities such as walking, driving, and even leaving the house. This can go on to affect patients’ social lives and personal lives greatly. Depression and anxiety can often arise as a side effect of this isolation.

Chiropractic treatment offers an alternative option to medication. A great way to find out more about treatment is to ask family members or friends that have had treatment, to find out how chiropractic may have had an effect on their symptoms. Do remember that our chiropractors will carry out a full consultation and examination, including digital X-rays on-site if appropriate, in order to diagnose your individual problem, therefore your treatment plan will be specific to your individual needs.

If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or are unsure whether chiropractic treatment is suitable to treat your condition, call the clinic on 02392 373311 – we offer a full consultation and examination for £20.

Our top three tips for lifting this festive season:

Active Health Chiropractic Tips

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