Your guide to chiropractic spinal screening

Active Health Chiropractic offer spinal screening, which consists of a short assessment of your spine with one of our chiropractors, within your workplace. The aim is to find out if chiropractic can help with your symptoms without taking you away from work for long.

Active Health Chiropractic Corporate Spinal Screening

Corporate Spinal Screening can be great for an event or staff benefit within the workplace


How long will it take?

Screening normally lasts between 5-10 minutes however, if you have lots of questions we will make sure they are all answered so it can sometimes take longer.


What will happen at the screening?

You will be invited to discuss with one of our chiropractors any symptoms you may be suffering with, from general aches and pains to back pain, neck pain, headaches to joint pain, migraines or numbness in hands and feet.

We carry out a short assessment of your spine (you will remain fully-clothed) where our chiropractor will feel the joints of your spine for any abnormalities. No treatment is carried out, however our chiropractor will inform you if chiropractic can help with your symptoms.


Why would a spinal screen be required?

Many people suffer daily from their aches and pains and sometimes need a significant amount of sick time from work.  Spinal screens assess these aches and pains, and we inform those suffering whether they can be treated with chiropractic. You can be given advice there and then to prevent your symptoms from progressing, or if you would prefer you can visit our clinic and we can carry out a full and thorough examination including digital X-rays if necessary for our spinal screen offer of £20.


What is chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic treatment consists of adjustments made to the spine in order to achieve correct alignment of the vertebrae. Where chiropractic treatment may not be appropriate, advice is given with regard to other treatments available.


To find out more about chiropractic treatment, back pain, neck pain, or to arrange a spinal screening in your workplace, please contact us on 02392 373311.


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