Your chiropractic consultation and treatment – what to expect

We asked a recent patient to describe her experiences for us:

What does treatment consist of?

I had an initial consultation, followed by an appointment to hear my report of the chiropractors findings where treatment was commenced.

At the initial consultation with Peter, we discussed my medical history, and any accidents or injuries that may have caused my problem. Peter wanted to find out all about me and my lifestyle, my full medical history and my expectations from treatment.

Peter carried out a full and thorough examination including neurological and orthopaedic tests which test the joints and nerves, he then advised me on how to manage any pain that I currently have.

I put on a gown so that Peter could examine my back to see where the problem may have stemmed from – in my case it was a foot operation which has meant that I am unable to walk properly, and as a result has ‘thrown my back out’, causing back pain. Peter explained how my body has coped with the injury, which may have resulted in my back being twisted or the body compensating for bad posture. In order to diagnose the exact problem, Peter examined my back, legs, arms, knees and feet. He explained that there may be several issues which I would not necessarily associate with the problem, but that he is able to diagnose.

back pain

Consultations and treatment are carried out at our premises in Cosham

Does it hurt?

I didn’t feel pain during the treatment – it does feel slightly ‘strange’ being treated, but I have absolute trust in Peter’s expertise and experience so I was very relaxed anyway.

What did the treatment consist of?

The treatment was as follows: I lay down on the chiropractic bench, then Peter put specific pressure on my back and maneuvered my body into the position he required. I was reassured throughout and encouraged to breathe deeply, which helped me to relax further.

The treatment continued with my legs being moved into specific positions and as I breathed out, Peter adjusted the hips and leg and continued through the rest of the body. The adjustments/treatments cause a clicking/popping sound but Peter explained these prior to treatment commencing so I was prepared.

I put my trust in the chiropractor and remembered to concentrate on my breathing.

How long does the consultation and treatments take?

I will need 6-8 appointments for this course of treatment, although this will vary depending on your condition. Your chiropractor will advise you on how many sessions are advised.

The consultation took 30-40 minutes, and each treatment is approximately 15-20 minutes,although this can vary between patients. Patients can choose to buy a block of treatments in advance, or individual treatments with payments at each session.

What was the atmosphere like?

Very cheerful, and busy – it’s a popular practice. Very friendly and professional.

How did you feel afterwards? 

Straight after the treatment I felt less ‘stress’ in the back – Peter informed me that I have simply learnt to live with the stress, and when it was released – it felt completely different – this is how it’s supposed to feel! This is my new ‘normal’! The whole experience was very relaxed, there was no pressure. The chiropractor was easy to chat to and made me feel at ease.

I totally trusted him. I was relaxed because I felt safe, as Peter is friendly but has an air of authority.

I will be returning for future treatments, and Peter has educated me on the basics of how the spine and nervous system works to help me protect myself further. I have stopped suffering from ‘twitchy’ nerves in my back, and was even advised on sleep positions. Peter advised me not to have a hot bath that night as it may affect the muscles.

Is it possible to return to work after a treatment?

Absolutely, unless you were signed off from work prior to seeing a chiropractor due to the severity of your condition you will be fine to return to work. Ask the chiropractor for advice to ensure you achieve the full benefits of your chiropractic treatment, it is best to stay gently mobile after treatment so if you are going to be sitting or standing for long periods of time at work your chiropractor can give you some helpful tips to help.

Peter Coote ten years in chiropractic

This month, Peter celebrates ten years in chiropractic practice

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