Spinal Awareness Week: Good Posture Can Protect Your Health

National Spinal Awareness Week (12th-16th May) will alert us to some very modern risks to a good posture. Did you know hunching over your mobile phone can carry dangers that increase as you get older? Or that school children may be courting chronic problems from the heavy bags they lug around. And for women, regularly wearing even a 1-inch heel can cause damage to the posture?

Spinal Awareness Week is an initiative from the United Chiropractic Association (UCA) to highlight the vital role our spines play in our health. This year’s theme is “posture starts with the spine”. Keep an eye on social media during the 2nd week of May as UCA chiropractors spread the word about how to protect your posture. They’ll also be waving the flag for starting early – with babies and toddlers.

Let’s look at some more chiropractic wisdom about those three modern health threats – mobile phones, fashionable heels and over-packed bags.

  • Key advice for mobile phone and PC users is to fight the temptation of a leaning-forward posture. For younger people this habit can bring discomfort through the top of their neck and back. Research suggests that when they are older, forward-leaners may develop hyperkyphosis (a humped back).
  • Pain has always been the price of wearing lofty heels. Chiropractors know that a 3-inch heel can also cause strain on knees, hips and the lower back. UCA advice is to wear trainers to and from work. And if you must wear heels, set the maximum at 2-inches.
  • Starting at school, we now feel it’s essential to have a roomy bag to carry all our tools for the day. Later we move on to killer handbags and fancy rucksacks. Stuffed full, these can weigh a ton, pulling our bodies into bad uncomfortable postures. UCA members advise on choosing lightweight bags and to alternate the shoulder that’s taking the strain. Ensure rucksacks sit above the waist to avoid pressure on the spine. Oh, and do you really, really need all that clobber in the bag every day?

If you have any questions on whether anything mentioned above may be affecting you, or you wish to find out more about the treatments we offer, then do get in touch, our details are below. You can also leave a comment below, we welcome your feedback.



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